15 Creative Vase Fillers

15 Creative Vase Fillers


15 Creative Vase Fillers
15 Creative Vase Fillers

Unique Fillers

There’s no denying how unique vase fillers are, and with the variety of 15 creative vase fillers and different supplies ideas they can create, they’re a great way to display your stash.

Some decorators prefer to use twine and balls of yarn, while others use paper, string, or even pieces of fabric. Think outside the box, and try placing your decorative items in a container to create a unique patio décor.

Cheap/ Inexpensive Fillers

You can never get enough of those cheap, easy, and inexpensive vase fillers and fillers. When decorating those empty vases or containers, you can never go wrong with the most common and most versatile filling in the world – beans. This is one of the most famous vase fillers that are easiest to use.

Get Your Centerpiece

If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your home décor, you may want to consider vases as a centerpiece. When room décor is on the absolute top priority for you, it’s common to go out and buy a new vase as soon as your old one gets a little dusty. But when you need to make a change, you might not be in the mood to repurchase a new vase (unless it’s extraordinary).

I am a big fan of vase fillers. If you have a vase that you have filled yourself, you can use this as inspiration to fill it up again but in a different way. For example, if you have a “natural” vase, fill it with pebbles. If you have a “pretty” vase, fill it with rocks or gemstones.

Bottles, boxes, jars, bowls and even tubs are all great options for storing and displaying flowers, but why settle for the boring old stuff when you can create your beautiful vase in an instant? Why not pick a clear glass vase and fill it up with a beautiful bouquet that could easily last for months?

15 Creative Vase Fillers

1-Clear Acrylic Ice Rocks Crystals Gems 

Our products are decorative and functional. They are beautiful and functional decorative fillers and jar fillers. They are a very unique product, that is affordable and easy to use and to install.

They are made of pure acrylic and are extremely durable and weather resistant. They are safe and non toxic. Our products are eco-friendly.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

2-24PCS Rattan Balls Wicker Balls Decorative Vase Fillers Home Décor

These dome balls are hand-crafted from natural rattan, adorned with a multitude of natural color choices. Although these are not intended for a decorative purpose, they are a lovely addition to any arrangement, or can be filled with flower petals or other decorations.

They can also be tied to any wedding or party decoration with ribbon or ribbon, or used as an alternative to a vase.

They are made of rattan and come in a pack of 24. Measure diameter is 2”.

This set of 24 rattan balls comes with 6 * 6 different blue and 6 * 6 different off-white rattan balls. These rattan balls are handmade and dyed by professional artisans, well polished and splinter-free.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

3- 5 Pcs Real Touch Leaf Artificial Eucalyptus

This artificial Eucalyptus Wedding Bouquet has real touch, green in color, and realistic looking. Your wedding guests will be amazed!

This is a 5 pieces of real touch artificial eucalyptus branches, stems, leaves with about 25 leaves. The leaves are made of good quality plastic and the stems are iron wire inside, you can bend the branch into different shapes.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

4- Clear Diamonds Crystals Acrylic Gems 

We may have an acrylic gem for you. These acrylic gems can add to the brilliance of your ornaments, vases, and DIY hair accessories.

The various quality of these acrylic gems can show the light color, transparent color and so on.

They are always a perfect fit for your accessories. The acrylic gems can be used as wedding and party decorations.

1000pcs 0.4inch clear acrylic diamond gems vase fillers without any UV coloring.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

5- Natural Green Moss Decorative Ball

This elegant piece of moss covered driftwood is a great addition to any table or garden. Place these moss covered driftwood ball near your flower pots, vase, candle holders or even your kitchen counter.

These moss covered wooden balls are perfect for your next party theme, bridal shower centerpiece, wedding décor, special holiday décor and more. These decorative moss balls are a great addition for any home décor.

They are best used in decorative vase shaped items. Great for holiday and summer time decorations, they are a beautiful way to add a touch of nature to your home décor.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

6- Silica Sand

It is a very suitable material for plants, aquariums and terrariums because of its specific surface characteristics, high absorption and natural balance, it is a good item.

While beautifying the aquarium environment, the whole aquarium environment is closer to nature, and it can also be used for fish itching.

The feces of the fish in the water, the turbidity falls between the sand and the stone, will not be stirred up by the swimming of the fish. Fresh & Saltwater Aquariums, Ponds, Terrariums, Gardens, Potted Plants, Vases, Ash Trays, Crafts & Hobbies

17 items are available related to this product.

15 Creative Vase Fillers

7- Mixed Beach Seashells

Sea shells are sea animals. They live in the sea and the sea has no equal. They are all different, and their shapes and colors are beautiful.

They are of high quality, and are much more than just decorative. You need seashells to fill your vase and decorate things.

Colorful and natural seashells :These seashells was carefully handpicked and cleaned, And is a unique blend of colorful and exotic sea shells.

They will bring together that ocean breeze tropical décor feel. Perfect accent for nautical décor, festival decorations, candle making, art gallery, art gallery décor, aquarium décor and any occasion you can imagine.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

8-Premium Blue Fake Ice

Our Crafted Artificial Ice Rocks have been designed to fit into a vase or other decorative container, to look like real crushed ice.

They are made of high quality acrylic and safe for use around food and beverages.

Our artificial ice rocks can be used as a decorative accent for your home, or a centerpiece for a party table.

This product is available in variety of colors , get your one.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

9- 4 Pack Artificial Red Berry Stems

Lovely red berries stems. Easy to use, durable and beautiful.

Great to use for any occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s day and so on. Red berry stems is perfect for Christmas table decorations, holiday, home, party, wedding, also good for DIY Christmas crafts.

Beautiful artificial berries are great for vase fillers, you can decorate your vase with the unique and vibrant red berries stems.

15 Creative Vase Fillers

10- Natural Pine Cones

There are big size and small size in one bag(It’s random.).Natural pine cones are lightweight, won’t wither after years, you could use it even next year, save money and is environmental friendly.

Pinecones may have sharp edges no two exactly the same Makes a great gift for grandparents day, birthday. can give full play to your imagination, Make the perfect arts and crafts.

Natural pine cones are great Christmas Tree Ornaments.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

11- Artificial Pampas Grass Large Tall Fluffy Faux Bulrush Reed Grass

A great way to add natural beauty to your home! These artificial grass pampas grass are not just decorative, but also a functional item. It can be used for different purposes such as a vase filler, a hanging decoration for your home or for creating a luxurious flooring for your garden.

artificial grass is a natural looking, yet durable product. It can be used in different ways such as as a vase filler, as a hanging decoration, as a floor covering.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

12- White Pebbles for Plants Garden Vases 

Cute, decorative and unusual vases will bring aesthetic value to your home. It’s a great gift for you and your friends. These vases are a perfect decoration for your home.

It’s a natural pebble gravel is a perfect accent for your indoor garden, from succulent containers, to potted plants, vases, cactus, bonsai, and terrariums.

It’s low-gloss finish will make it last longer, and its natural feature will make it last longer.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

13- Gold Acrylic Ice Fake Plastic Gold Nuggets Gold Rocks Gems Marble Vases Fillers

Fake Ice Rocks is a high quality, durable fake ice cubes with natural look.

These were proven in many occasions as a perfect decoration for wedding table, centerpiece, photo shoots, fish tank decorations and so on.

Each bag has approx. 150 pieces of fake ice cubes, with approximately 1.5 cups of fake ice.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

14- Pearl for Vase Filler Pearls Bead for Vase

Pearl Vase Filler, a new kind of vase filler material. It is made of high quality plastic material, with a high shine and an elegant and smooth appearance. It is the perfect vase filler for home decoration.

You can use them for a long time.


15 Creative Vase Fillers

15- Crystal Clear Translucent Gel Pearls for Vases

These water beads are a great alternative to just using water. They can actually turn into a vase filler! You can fill a vase with water, and then add a few of these beads to the top.

They will float gently to the top, and then turn into beads of marbles. They will gently float to the top of the water, and then turn into beads of marbles.

They will gently float to the top of the water, and then turn into beads of marbles.


In conclusion:

Sooper Beads are a fun way to fill a large vase or bowl while adding a colorful element to your décor. You can use them to create centerpieces or make a party favor for guests. These water beads are perfect for big events, parties, and weddings.

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